The Benefits of Culture Change

Sheriff Jim NeilWe’ve taken on some very important tasks over the past year. One of the most essential has been to restore our relationships with all of the great agencies across Hamilton County. There are many of them, and the Sheriff’s Office lost touch with a great number of them over the years. You could say that the Sheriff’s Office was an island unto itself. I think it was an island for far too long.

Those days are over. We now work with the other agencies in the county and make specialized teams from lots of different areas to tackle challenges and accomplish a variety of goals. We pull from the best talent around in Hamilton County, and we are more open about sharing our resources and services with them than ever before. Working together is one of the major changes in culture I’ve been pushing for since taking office.

Another big culture change that I want you to know about involves the ways the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is working internally to make the most of what we have and what we get. The simple fact is that we don’t have the kind of dollars today that the Sheriff’s Office has had in the past. That means we have to work together as a team and really focus on being more efficient to save money.

One way we do those things involves consolidating and centralizing our services. This eliminates expensive redundancy in what we do and how we do it. We’re returning certain operations that were once spread out back to one location, or to one team to manage instead of several individuals or groups. It makes things run more smoothly. Having a leaner operation saves money, which ultimately benefits the citizens of Hamilton County.

Recognizing the value of the agencies across Hamilton County, working closely with these agencies to share in what we all do best, and changing the way we work within the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office are all huge steps toward success.