Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Jail Services

The Jail Services Division is responsible for the operation of all adult detention facilities in Hamilton County that are under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. This includes all uniformed Corrections Officers, Corrections Supervisors, and support service personnel who all recognize their responsibility and obligation to maintain a safe and secure environment for those individuals committed to the Division’s care and custody.

The Division maintains the Justice Center with an inmate capacity of 1,240. Division personnel also provide for the security of inmates who are admitted to the hospital and for juveniles who are to be tried as adults.

To provide for the general welfare of inmates, the Jail Services Division administers a wide variety of programs and services, including an accredited Health Services Section (medical, dental and psychiatric), a commercially equipped laundry, and an institutional kitchen that prepares 120,000 meals a month. Division Staff are also responsible for the supervision of inmate recreation programs and for the efficient operation of the commissary, mail, and property room services.

To reduce recidivism of those in custody of the Sheriff’s the following programs have been implemented:

Adult-education classes

The Division offers an Adult Education Program addressing the needs of the incarcerated adult learner, whose skills range from illiteracy to college level classes. Hamilton County is the only Sheriff’s Office in Ohio to offer final GED Testing on-site for qualifying students. The Division also offers the “Mentoring Against Negative Actions” program, which is designed to help young men become responsible grown men. The Jail Service Division recognizes their responsibility and obligation to maintain a safe and secure environment for those individuals committed to the Division’s care and custody.

Veteran Unit

The veterans unit was implemented to support those who have served their country by housing them in one unit so they may aide each other. The veteran inmates receive wraparound support and post incarceration placement from various agencies throughout the County.  Some of the participants are volunteers from the Veterans Administration, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, the American Legion, Shelter House and Joseph House.

Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous Counseling

Addiction among those incarcerated is a significant challenge. In order to combat this problem, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has partners with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to provide ongoing support to the inmate population.

Religious Services

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office partners with the non-profit organization “Transforming Jail Ministries”, which has hundreds of volunteers who provide religious services for every religious denomination.

Re-Entry Unit

The Jail Services Division has partnered with the Hamilton County Commissioners’ Re-Entry program so that incarcerated inmates can better transition into society more quickly and be better equipped to face the challenges of returning to society.