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To submit a public records request using our website, you may complete and submit the form below. You are not required to identify yourself or tell us why you want a particular record. You should, however, strive to make requests that are specific and clear. Doing so will help us process your request more efficiently and effectively.  If your request is overly broad or unclear, we may ask you to narrow the scope of your request so that we can better assist you. You will be permitted to promptly inspect any responsive documents or you may choose to have copies of responsive documents provided to you within a reasonable period of time. Charges for this service may include the actual cost of making copies and any postage or mailing supplies used in responding to your request.

Click here to see the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Public Records Notice.

Click here to see the full Public Records Policy.

Click here to see the Current Records Retention Schedule.

For information regarding a criminal or civil court proceeding(s), please contact the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts



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