Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Community Affairs

Sheriff McGuffey is dedicated to improving how the Sheriff’s Office engages with the community and when taking office, created this new division to build a trusting, reliable, and mutually beneficial relationship with the community

Major Jackie Reed, A 33-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office oversees the Community Affairs Division.

Call Center – A Call Center was created to personally assist the public in navigating the justice system when they have questions or concerns about such things as upcoming court appearances, location of court rooms, problem solving and connecting them to the appropriate persons in the department. The Call Center office is in Room 105, located just outside courtrooms A and B in the Justice Center, so we offer the public in-person assistance as well. We also work closely with the Clerk of Courts Office, Public Defenders’ Office and Pretrial Services. Through an interpreter service, we can accommodate individuals who may have language barriers. The number to reach a staff member through the Call Center is 513-946-6565. In 2021, we responded to over 35,000 calls.

Mask Up Hamilton CountyThe Sheriff’s Office distributed thousands of masks throughout the county and to the public visiting the Justice Center and courtrooms.

Internship Program – Community Affairs oversees the Sheriff’s Internship Program for college students. Students are assigned placement in all divisions of the department and a final evaluation is completed for them to earn college credits.

Food Delivery – Working with community organizations such as the Free Store Foodbank and Tikkun’s Farm, we provide food delivery several times per week to locations in the immigrant community. This outreach has built trust and strengthened relationships in the community.

Community Engagement – This year brought numerous opportunities to participate in activities in Lincoln Heights and Silverton, two of the neighborhoods patrolled by the Sheriff’s Office:

 Lincoln Heights – In August, we celebrated with Lincoln Heights during its 75th anniversary in partnership with Seven Hills Church. We brought the Harlem Legends to town for a basketball game with young people in the community, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office, and the Harlem Legends. It was a wonderful community event. Our deputies also participated in its National Night Out block party.

Holiday with the Sheriff – In December, we hosted a Holiday with the Sheriff event in both Lincoln Heights and Silverton for area families. Pizza and gifts were distributed, prizes given, and each child and family had the opportunity to have a picture with the Sheriff to take home with them.

 Shelter House – Staff distributed hats to those experiencing homelessness.

Identification Kits – In partnership with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, we distributed thousands of child identification kits to all first-grade classrooms in the County.

Jail Services

Corrections Officers play a critical role in the custody, security, and treatment of inmates or detainees while learning and developing the interpersonal skills required to perform a range of corrections officer assignments. Working in the jail provides valuable experience, knowledge, and communication to prepare Deputies to move into various roles within the Sheriff’s Office.

Our employment process is rigorous, and we only select those few who are passionate about engaging with their community and serving those around them. Due to the significance of the sworn position, applicants must always be truthful in their application responses and during the entire certification/hiring process. Failure to be truthful during the certification/employment process may disqualify an applicant. Truthfulness and candor in this application process are important requirements for becoming a Correctional Officer.

Corrections Academy

Corrections Officers are hired into our 10-week, paid Corrections Academy, where they learn Teamwork, Inmate communication/de-escalation tactics, Teamwork, physical conditioning, defensive tactics, first aid, and laws/regulations. Students must meet the testing, attendance, and physical conditioning requirements to complete the Academy successfully. Recruits learn a sense of community and Accountability the HCSO way:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Candidate must have a High School Diplo9ma or GED equivalence
  • Candidate must possess a valid driver’s license and a clean driving history
  • Candidate must be able to pass a drug screening, medical examination by a licensed physician, and a CVSA (lie detector)
  • Candidate must be 18 years of age prior to the hire date
  • Candidate must be a U.S. citizen or Naturalization Certified
  • Candidate must have a clean criminal record, including no felony convictions
  • Candidate must not have had a DUI conviction within the past five years and no more than two in a lifetime
  • Candidate must have an Honorable Military Discharge, if applicable

Applicants may be disqualified from consideration for certification/employment as a Correctional Officer if it is determined that the applicant:

  • Was untruthful, deliberately omitted, concealed, or falsified relevant facts during the certification/employment consideration process;
  • Been convicted of a felony;
  • Committed serious employment-related crimes;
  • Sold illegal drugs;
  • Used illegal drugs within a specific period of time; OR
  • Acquired extensive debt or evidence of extreme financial negligence


Corrections Officers work 12-hour shifts: 7 am – 7 pm or 7 pm to 7 am. There is occasionally mandatory overtime in 4-hour increments. There is also a mandatory shift that is worked once every 30 days.

Please note:  If you apply for a corrections officer position, most communication(s) from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will be via email. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure your email address is current in your online profile and that you check your email, including “Spam” and “Junk” folders, to ensure you do not miss any notifications. In addition to checking your personal email account, you may also check for notifications by logging in to the online application system and utilizing your login and password.