Support Services


The Training Section has the responsibility for implementation and procedure of all departmental training in accordance with the Sheriff’s policies, as well as state and federal standards. Training oversees a Corrections Academy for new hires, where instructors put cadets through a strenuous course to prepare them for the OPOTA examination to become certified officers. Training also looks at operations and works to ensure current staff are continuing to improve and have the knowledge and tools necessary to continue to be a top notch law enforcement organization.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has a Range Master who is in charge of firearms qualification and recertification of all firearms training for all divisions at the Tactical Training Center.

Information Systems
The Information Systems section has everyday interaction with every Division through the Sheriff’s computer network, with over 500 workstations and servers. It is tasked with maintaining the website, all electronic hardware and software, assist with collecting data and managing electronic records, and is the life blood of the office.


You can get records checks for employment from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 1000 Sycamore St., Room 100, Cincinnati, OH 45202. This is in the Justice Center’s south building.  The Records Division also has an important service called Webcheck.  This division encompasses three units:

The Records Unit has the responsibility to maintain and file all reports taken by the Sheriff’s Office, as well as compiling all necessary criminal statistical information. These files are inclusive of all criminal offense reports, auto accident reports, traffic citations, records of arrest, missing persons, and other types of reports. Reports maintained by this Unit are stored on a computerized Document Imaging System that provides instant access to all reports.

This Unit provides copies of these reports to the local news media, insurance, State Bureau of Motor Vehicle and others upon request. Data from these files is also transmitted to the Ohio B.C.I & I. and the FBI to remain compliant with the National Incident Based Reporting System. This Unit is also responsible for the release of approximately 85,000 criminal and traffic records checks annually for Hamilton County.

The Records Unit is also responsible for the Sheriff’s Carry Concealed Weapon Program as required by the State of Ohio.  Sheriff Neil expanded this service upon taking office, by making CCW Licensing available to citizens at Patrol Headquarters at 11021 Hamilton Ave., as well as 1000 Sycamore St. The Sheriff also began a CCW Training Program for those citizens who want to obtain their license.

The Warrants Unit is responsible for maintaining centralized control of all criminal warrants, traffic warrants and capiases that are the responsibility of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, the Cincinnati Police Division and the Municipal Bailiff’s Office.

The Warrant Unit is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of each warrant issued. The Warrant Unit enters each warrant in accordance with standards set by the National Crime Information Center and is audited annually to assure compliance. This Unit verifies wanted information on both city and county warrants to all local, state, federal, and out of state police agencies. On a daily basis, this Unit maintains 95,000 active warrants, processes an average of 300 capias and enters 50-60 warrants.

The Identification Unit is responsible for the capture and classification of fingerprints and photographs of all individuals brought into the Justice Center. This Unit also maintains a computerized photo library of most of the offenders in the county. The AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) housed in the Identification Unit forwards to the FBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, fingerprints of persons arrested. The AFIS system provides assistance to local, state and federal agencies in tracking of criminals. This Unit also provides the services of fingerprinting citizens for employment. This Unit processes an average of approximately 40,000 criminal fingerprint cards each year. In addition to the criminal print cards, this unit processes 2,000 juvenile and more than 24,000 employment/immigration cards annually.

Support Operations

The Support Operations Section is under the command of Captain Tom Butler.  The primary responsibilities of this section consist of the Aviation Unit, Crime Prevention Unit, D.A.R.E., Fleet Management Unit, Fleet Services Unit, Hazardous Devices Unit (Bomb Squad),  Marine Patrol Unit, Planning Unit, Property Control Unit, Off-Duty Detail Unit, Special Deputy Unit, Statistical Unit, Supply & Logistics Unit, Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT), Task Force One, and Traffic Unit.

The Support Operations Section is responsible for forfeitures requests, court orders and on-line auction for the Sheriff’s Office.

Planning & Compliance

This section works with the entire office to look at ways to streamline the operation and become more efficient. This includes identifying opportunities to explore alternate funding through grants, and looking at best practices by other law enforcement agencies, working to improve public safety.