Property Sales

The weekly Sheriff’s sale is conducted every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. outside of Room 260 at the Hamilton County Court House. The Court House is located at 1000 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. There are two types of property offered for sale:

• Those for non-payment of the property taxes (auditor’s book/page/parcel)
• Those for mortgage foreclosure

House Bill 138
House Bill 138 became law on September 11, 2008 and will require several changes in the way foreclosure sale orders are processed in Hamilton County. Any order for sale filed on or after September 11, 2008 will be required to comply with House Bill 138, this translates into sales set on and after November 13, 2008. The following procedures have been adopted by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office so that compliance with House Bill 138 can be met:

1.  When the order for sale is filed, a new praecipe has been created and must be used. The new information required on the praecipe is needed to charge the correct fees for recording and transfer of the deed. This form is available on the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts’ website (

2.  All parties including the plaintiff are required to complete a Purchaser Information sheet that contains the minimum information required for compliance with House Bill 138. (This form is also available on the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website.) It is suggested that the plaintiff and any secure defendant complete this form and bring it to the sale to avoid delays with the post sale paperwork.

If the bid is to be assigned the plaintiff can attach the assignment of bid to the information sheet or file it post sale but before the deed is drafted. Counsel can re-format the praecipe for sale and the Purchaser Information sheet in their individual offices to be compatible with their software as long as all the information on the forms is transferred.

3.  Plaintiff’s counsel must file the confirmation within thirty (30) days of the date of sale and will no longer be able to combine the distribution entry with the confirmation entry. These must be two (2) separate filings.

The reason for the separation is House Bill 138 requires taxes to be pro-rated to the date of confirmation. The Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office has developed a form for the current and pro-rated taxes. Counsel can contact Mike Lonneman or Glenn Lindmark at the Treasurer’s Office for the form and directions for use.

4.  Plaintiff’s counsel must prepare the deed within seven (7) days of the confirmation of sale and is to deliver the deed (the short form deed is acceptable) to the Auditor’s Office to have the legal approved.

The Auditor will approve lot numbers and the Engineer will approve the meets and bounds descriptions. If the legal is approved the deed will be placed in a pick-up box for the Sheriff. If the legal is not approved, it will be returned to the attorney for correction. The deed transfer form and the prior deed of reference need to be submitted with the new deed.

5.  Within thirty (30) days of confirmation all money owed for the sale is to be paid. This includes money due from the plaintiff.

6.  The Sheriff’s Office will record the deed within fourteen (14) business days of the money being paid and the deed will be available for pick-up (or mailing) from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fiscal Office as is the current practice.

7.  Plaintiff’s counsel can file the entry distributing sale proceeds at any time after all the fees are obtained and the money will be distributed by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Fiscal Office as is current practice.

8.  A Writ of Possession will no longer be issued until all money is paid by all parties and verification that all the paperwork required with House Bill 138 has been completed.

If there are any questions regarding this procedure feel free to contact Sgt. Rick Snow at 513-946-5341 or at

The property is not available for tour or inspection. The properties are bought as is, caveat emptor, “buyer beware” without any warranty or guarantee. The Sheriff’s Office does not have information on liens or taxes. To view case file information, visit the Clerk of Court’s web site. We recommend consulting a Real Estate attorney before attempting any purchase.

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The legally mandated description of properties is published in the Cincinnati Court Index. A detailed list of the sale properties can be obtained by contacting The Cincinnati Court Index at 513-241-1450, or at Additional information can also be found on the Auditor’s web site. Any questions concerning the purchase of property at Sheriff’s sales or the filing of legal pleadings, please contact your attorney. Employees of the Sheriff’s Office are not permitted to give legal advise.

Any questions regarding sale procedures can be directed to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Execution Section at 513-946-5340.

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