Media Releases

Mt. Healthy, OH – Crash with Entrapment Involving Springfield Township Police Officer 11-07-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Man Arrested and Charged with Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor 11-04-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Two Men Arrested After High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicle and Recovery of Drugs and Weapons 10-28-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Man Arrested and Charged with Dissemination of Matter Harmful to Juveniles and Importuning 10-04-2021
Delhi Twp – Regional Detectives Arrest Local School Teacher for Child Porn 09-29-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Man Arrested and Charged with Pandering Sexually Oriented Material Involving a Minor 09-23-2021
Miami Twp – HCSO SWAT Incident Ends with Arrest 09-03-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Man Arrested and Charged with Illegal Use of a Minor in Nudity Oriented Material 08-31-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Homicide Arrest Made 08-01-2021
RECI – Man Arrested and Charged After Driving from Wisconsin to Sharonville for Sex with Mother and Juvenile Daughter 07-12-2021
Hamilton County – Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit Agents Seize Guns and Drugs in Recent Bust 07-12-2021
Mt. Healthy – Update on Man Shot 07-06-2021
Miami Township – Shooting in Village of Addyston 07-04-2021
Harrison Township – Drowning Death at Whitewater River 07-03-2021
Whitewater Twp – Vandalism / Improper Discharge of a Firearm 06-30-2021
Village of Cleves – Felony Warrant Arrest 06-29-2021
Symmes Twp – SWAT Response 06-18-2021
Symmes Twp – Serious Injury Crash 06-16-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Arrest made on Complicity to Rape and Kidnapping 06-10-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Arrest made on Rape, Kidnapping and Gross Sexual Imposition 06-10-2021
Anderson Twp – Pedestrian Fatality on SR-125 06-09-2021
Anderson Twp – Arrest Made in Fatal Motorcycle Crash on I-275 06-08-2021 – update
Cincinnati, OH – Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Warns about Phone Scam 06-03-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Regional Detectives Arrest Another Local Man for Child Porn 06-02-2021
Anderson Twp – Fatal Motorcycle Crash on I-275 05-31-2021
Sycamore Township / Village Silverton, OH – Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Robbery in Sycamore Township and Aggravated Arson in the Village of Silverton May 05-25-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Man Arrested on Stalking Charges 05-21-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Arrest and Charges in Case of Pandering Obscenity Involving Minor 05-20-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Local Man Arrested and Charged After Attempting to Meet 13 Year Old for Sexual Acts
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Deputy Faces Asssault Charges 05-03-2021
Hamilton County – Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested On Multiple Counts Of Pandering Obscenities Involving A Minor 04-16-2021
Hamilton County, OH – Suspect Apprehended By Multiple Agencies After Non-Injury Police Involved Shooting And Vehicle Crash 04-06-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Local Student Faces Charges Related to Graffiti Found at Taylor High School 04-02-2021
Whitewater Twp – Traffic Pursuit 03-25-2021
Cincinnati – Regional Task Force Arrests Cincinnati Man for Pandering Obscenity 03-19-2021
Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Man Arrested and Charged with Pandering Obscenity 03-11-2021
Miami Twp – Former Loveland Police Officer Charged With 2 Counts of Rape 03-05-2021
Hamilton County – Funeral Arrangements for Retired Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Major Earl Price Jr. 03-01-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Vehicle Pursuit 02-25-2021
Justice Center – In-Person Visits Resume March 1st 02-25-2021
Cincinnati – Arrest and Charges in Case of Pandering Obscenity Involving Minor 02-24-2021
Village of Silverton – Aggravated Robbery 02-21-2021
Hamilton County – Funeral Arrangements for Deputy Donald Gilreath III 02-16-2021
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Mourns Death of Deputy 02-12-2021
Harrison Twp – Arson and Breaking and Entering 02-11-2021
Sycamore Twp – Stolen Vehicle Pursuit 02-07-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Felonious Assault, Shooting 02-04-2021
Anderson Township – Robbery 02-01-2021
Village of Lockland – Juvenile Shot 01-27-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Burglary 01-25-2021
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Beloved Canine Dies 01-25-2021
Lincoln Heights – Arrest Made in 2020 Death Investigation 01-22-2021
Cincinnati – Security Preparations at the Hamilton County Courthouse 01-19-2021
Anderson Twp – Non-Injury Crash Involving a Deputy Sheriff 01-14-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Felonious Assault 01-14-2021
Village of Silverton – Traffic Pursuit 01-08-2021
Columbia Twp – Auto crash with injuries 01-08-2021
Columbia Twp – Felonious Assault 01-05-2021
Village of Lincoln Heights – Homicide 12-25-2020
Columbia Twp – Subject Flees From Traffic Stop 12-08-2020
Sycamore Twp – Person Shot 12-05-2020
Anderson Twp – Theft from Elderly 12-03-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Firearm Discharged Into A Residence 12-02-2020
Lincoln Heights – Shooting 11-20-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Will Enforce Statewide Curfew Order 11-19-2020
Village of Silverton – Homicide Investigation 11-06-2020
Village of Woodlawn – Murder 11-05-2020
Whitewater Twp – Serious Injury Hit-Skip Crash 11-05-2020
Funeral Arrangements Corporal Adam McMillan Dignitaries and Procession Route
Amberley Village – Traffic Pursuit 10-27-2020
Funeral Arrangements Corporal Adam McMillan
Whitewater Twp – Double Shooting Investigation 10-27-2020 – Updated
Elmwood Place – Suspicious Death 10-27-2020
Cincinnati – Corporal Adam McMillan Passed Away Oct. 2020
Elmwood Place – Officer Involved Shooting 10-20-2020
Whitewater Twp – Double Shooting Investigation 10-20-2020 – Updated
Whitewater Twp – Double Shooting Investigation 10-17-2020
Columbia Twp – Homicide 10-10-2020
Anderson Twp – Deputy Involved Crash 10-08-2020
RECI – Additional Victims Identified across the United States 10-08-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff’s – Missing Juvenile 10-07-2020
Regional Electronics & Computer Investigations – Arrest 10-07-2020
Crosby Twp – Vehicle Pursuit 10-02-2020
Symmes Twp – Serious Injury Crash 09-12-2020
Sycamore Twp – Fatal Auto Crash 09-09-2020
The Village of Lincoln Heights – Vehicle Pursuit 09-07-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Critical Missing Adult 08-25-2020
City of Forest Park – Bicyclist Struck In Hit Skip Auto Crash 08-13-2020
Sycamore Twp – Hit-Skip Crash, Robbery Lead to Vehicle Pursuit 08-13-2020
City Of Cincinnati – Inmate Escape 08-13-2020 – updated
City Of Cincinnati – Inmate Escape 1619 Reading Rd. 08-10-2020
RECI – Arrest 08-10-2020
Cincinnati – Impersonating Police Officer Phone Scam 08-10-2020
Columbia Twp – Vehicle Pursuit 08-08-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Homicide Investigation 08-01-2020
Whitewater Twp – Fatal Crash 07-30-2020
Sycamore Twp – Traffic Pursuit 07-27-2020 – updated
Sycamore Twp – Traffic Pursuit 07-27-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff – Deputy Involved in Use of Force Incident Terminated 07-15-2020
Village of Lockland – Murder: Update 07-10-2020
Cincinnati – Mandatory Mask Protocol 07-08-2020
Hamilton County – Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested 07-02-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Shooting 06-26-2020
Miami Twp – Drowning 06-26-2020
Sycamore Twp – Person Assaulted at the Kenwood Towne Center 06-23-2020
Hamilton County Justice Center – Suspicious Package 06-14-2020
Whitewater Twp – Fatal Auto Accident 06-12-2020
Village of Elmwood Place – Felonious Assault 06-09-2020
Green Twp – Police Vehicle Struck 06-05-2020
Crosby Twp – Fatal Auto Crash 05-31-2020
Regional Electronics & Computer Investigations 05-28-2020
Hamilton County – Scam Alert and Prevention Tips 05-20-2020
Symmes Twp – Deceased Person Investigation 05-17-2020
Village of Lockland – Homicide 05-10-2020
Miami Twp – Arrest for Violation of Stay at Home Order 05-05-2020
Village of Lockland – Murder Investigation 04-29-2020
City of Cincinnati – Prisoner Escape and Deputy Assaulted 04-28-2020
City of Cincinnati – Traffic Pursuit Results In Single Vehicle Crash 4-21-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Cruiser Struck in Hit-Skip Auto Crash 04-19-2020
Anderson Twp – Homeless Sex Offender Arrested 04-19-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Deputy Sheriff Tests Positive For Covid19 04-16-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Suspicious Death 04-10-2020
Sycamore Twp – Breaking and Entering 04-08-2020
Public Service Announcement – Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Will Enforce Stay at Home Order 03-23-2020
Public Service Announcement – Property Auctions have been canceled Until Further Notice 03-17-2020
Public Service Announcement – Sheriff Jim Neil Implements Limited Response Procedure and Cite and Release of Arrested Individuals 03-16-2020
Public Service Announcement – Essential Inmate Visitation Has Been Canceled 03-13-2020
Public Service Announcement – Inmate Visitation Has Been Canceled 03-11-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Certified by the Ohio Collaborative 02-24-2020
Hamilton County Justice Center – Hamilton County Justice Center Passes Annual State Inspection 02-18-2020
Village of Lincoln Heights – Traffic Violation Led to a Foot Pursuit With a Weapon Recovery 02-14-2020
Sycamore Twp – Interstate 71 Crash 02-04-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff – Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank and Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil Announce New Partnership in 2020 and Beyond 01-29-2020
Hamilton County Sheriff – Elevator Issues Cancels Visitation in the South Building of the Hamilton County Justice Center 01-29-2020
Anderson Twp – Stolen Vehicle and Arrest 01-24-2020
Harrison Twp – Fatal Crash 01-22-2020
Sycamore Twp – Murder Suicide 01/19/2020
Whitewater Twp – Fatal Motorcycle Crash 01-06-2020
Anderson Twp – Vehicle Pursuit Ends In Crash 12-26-2019
Sycamore Twp – Aggravated Robbery 12-26-2019
RECI – Arrest 12-17-2019
Cincinnati, OH – Paramedic Arrested at Hamilton County Justice Center 12-14-2019
Miami Twp – Fatal Pedestrian Hit/Skip Crash 12-07-2019 – Update
Miami Twp – Fatal Pedestrian Hit/Skip Crash 12-07-2019
Lincoln Heights – Felonious Assault Shooting Investigation 12-06-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff – Inmate Escape From University Cincinnati Medical Center 12-01-2019
Green Twp – Fatal Single Vehicle Crash 11-18-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Public Service Announcement 11-13-2019
Sycamore Twp – Vehicle Pursuit 11-07-2019
Village of Lincoln Heights – Person Shot 11-05-2019
Sycamore Twp – Double Homicide Investigation 11-01-2019
Springfield Twp – Pedestrian Struck 10-27-2019 – Update
Springfield Twp – Pedestrian Struck 10-27-2019
Anderson Twp – High School Teacher Update 10-25-2019
Sycamore Twp – Serious Injury Crash At Moeller High School 10-23-2019
Anderson Twp – Fatal Single Vehicle Crash 10-17-2019
Anderson Twp – High School Teacher Update 10-11-2019
City of Cincinnati – Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Crash 10-10-2019
Forest Park – Pedestrian Struck 10-08-2019
Whitewater Twp – Wrong-way Crash on I.R. 74 09-30-2019
Village of Lincoln Heights – Shootings 09-18-2019 – Update
Village of Lincoln Heights – Shootings 09-13-2019
Anderson Twp – Vandalism at Anderson High School 09-03-2019
Symmes Twp – Hamilton County Sheriff’s Cruiser Struck on IR-71 09-01-2019
Whitewater Twp – Child Enticement 08-29-2019 – Update
Whitewater Twp – Child Enticement 08-28-2019
Hamilton County – Phone Scam 08-23-2019
Village of Lincoln Heights – Person Shot 08-06-2019
Whitewater Twp – Fatal Crash 08-06-2019
Anderson Twp – Vehicle Pursuit 08-01-2019
Village of Silverton – Vehicle Pursuit 07-23-2019
Anderson Twp – Fatal Auto Crash 07-13-2019
Symmes Twp – Aggravated Robbery of Papa John’s Pizza 07-11-2019
RECI – Arrest Made 07-11-2019
Forest Park – Two Vehicle Crash With Entrapment 07-10-2019
Village of Silverton – Aggravated Arson 06-21-2019
Symmes Twp – Impersonating Police Officer Phone Scam 06-20-2019
Anderson Twp – Pedestrian Struck 06-09-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Missing Juvenile Kayley Downey 06-06-2019
Hamilton County Justice Center – Vandalism 06-03-2019
Village of Silverton – Single Vehicle Crash With Entrapment 05-30-2019
Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force – Press Release 05-30-2019
Cincinnati – Walnut Hills High School Teacher Arrested 05-29-2019
Forest Park – Single Vehicle Injury Crash 05-28-2019
Mt. Healthy – Serious Auto Accident 05-21-2019
Village of Cleves – Drug Trafficking 05-10-2019
Anderson Twp – Arson Arrest 05-05-2019
Whitewater Twp – Serious Injury Crash 04-25-2019
Symmes Twp – Pedestrian Struck 04-10-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff – Facebook Post of Deputy Sheriff 04-09-2019
Funeral Arrangements for Special Deputy Camen Ray Alexander 04-03-2019
Colerain Twp – Sheriff Jim Neil Regretfully Announces the Death of Special Deputy 04-01-2019
Village of Lincoln Heights – Murder 03-30-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff – Medical Emergency – Justice Center 03-27-2019
Village of Lincoln Heights – Murder Investigation 03-23-2019
Whitewater Twp – Fatal Motorcycle Crash 03-13-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff – Attempted Assault of Deputy Sheriff at Court House 02-25-2019
Anderson Twp – Beacon Street 02-25-2019
Sycamore Twp – US Bank Robbery 02-22-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff – Deputy Injured on Off Duty Detail 02-19-2019
Sycamore Twp – Serious Injury Crash 02-19-2019
Anderson Twp – Driver Arrested At Nagel Middle School 02-19-2019
Green Twp – Massage Parlors 02-01-2019
Green Twp – Deputy Involved Crash With Injuries 01-25-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff Jury Duty Scam 01-11-2019
Miami Twp Multiple Arrests in Aggravated Robbery 01-07-2019
Hamilton County Sheriff Inmate Attempted Escape 01-07-2019
Village of Silverton Vehicle Crashes Through Side of CVS 01-02-2019
Columbia Twp Felonious Assault 12-30-2018
Village of Golf Manor Shooting 12-25-2018
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery 12-24-2018
Anderson Twp School Bus Crash With Injuries 12-19-2018
Whitewater Twp Investigation 12-12-2018
Hamilton County Justice Center Inmate Death 12-10-2018
Regional Electronic & Computer Investigations Arrest 12-06-2018
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery 12-02-2018
City of Springdale Traffic Pursuit I-275 Into Fairfield 11-20-2018
Village of North Bend Person Stabbed 11-07-2018
Pandering Obscenity Involving a Minor 11-05-2018
Cheviot Massage Parlor 11-02-2018
Hamilton County Jury Duty Scam Targeting Residents 10-25-2018
Mt. Healthy Child Shot 10-05-2018
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy Struck by Hit and Run Vehicle in Springfield Twp 10-4-2018
Lincoln Heights Shooting 9-29-2018
Crosby Twp Serious Automobile Crash 09-24-2018
Symmes Twp Felonious Assault 9-16-2018
Village of Arlington Heights Rollover Tractor Semi-Trailer Closes NB IR-75 9-11-2018
Symmes Twp Breaking and Entering 09-05-2018
Anderson Twp Vehicle Crash Into Building 8-24-2018
Forest Park Theft In Office Arrest 8-23-2018
Sheriff’s Office Employee Resigned 8-17-2018
Lincoln Heights Murder Arrest 08-08-2018
Anderson Twp Hit and Run Update 08-03-2018
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Officer Involved Shooting 7-2-2018
Crosby Twp Homicide 6-29-2018
Sycamore and Symmes Twp Massage Parlors 6-28-2018
Village of Terrace Park Recovery of Body in the Little Miami River 6-11-2018 – Updated
Village of Silverton Aggravated Robbery 6-07-2018
Columbia Twp Single Vehicle Crash 5-08-2018
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery 5-08-2018
Lincoln Heights Shooting 5-07-2018
Arlington Heights – Aggravated Robbery 05-04-2018
Sheriff Announces Formation of Environmental Crime Unit 4-30-2018
Anderson Twp Massage Parlors 3-07-2018
Sycamore Twp Fatal Single Vehicle Crash 3-05-2018
Lincoln Heights Shooting 02-21-2018
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office State of the Jail 2-14-2018
Sycamore Twp Aggravated Robbery First Financial Bank 2-09-2018
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery 2-08-2018
Sycamore Twp Standoff With Suicidal Subject Ends Peacefully 1-29-2018
Symmes Twp Aggravated Robbery 1-20-2018
Sycamore Twp Aggravated Robbery 1-19-2018
Green Twp Serious Injury Auto Crash 01-11-2018
Village of Silverton Aggravated Robbery 12-25-2017
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Jury Duty Scam Targeting Local Residents 12-15-2017
Anderson Twp Double Shooting at McDonald’s Restaurant 12-13-2017
Joint Sex Offender Compliance Operation 12-13-2017
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery Dollar General 12-10-2017
Village of Silverton Felonious Assault 11-25-2017
Sycamore Twp Abduction 11-17-2017
Missing Child 11-16-2017
Sycamore Twp Injury Crash Involving Sycamore Township Medic 11-05-2017
Anderson Twp Robbery at Main Source Bank 11-02-2017
Anderson Twp Serious Injury Crash 11-01-2017
Sycamore Twp Bank Robbery 10-30-2017
Sycamore Twp Vehicle Pursuit 10-26-2017
City of Wyoming Pedestrian Struck in Serious Injury Crash 10-24-2017
Sheriff to Partner With OfferUp For Safe Internet Exchange Location 10-23-2017
Columbia Twp Murder-Suicide 10-18-2017
Green Twp Single Vehicle Auto Crash Into a Building 10-17-2017
Mt. Healthy Hit Skip Fatal Crash 10-6-2017
Sycamore Twp Serious Injury Crash 9-13-2017
Green Twp Vehicle Pursuit 9-5-2017
Hamilton County Deputy Arrested for Telecommunications Harassment 8-23-2017
Columbia Twp Vehicle Pursuit 8-17-2017
Lincoln Heights Shooting 8-15-2017
Green Twp Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash 8-10-2017
Sycamore Twp Vehicle Pursuit 7-21-2017
Sycamore Twp Murder Investigation 6-21-2017
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Person Wanted 6-15-2017
Arlington Heights Vehicle Pursuit 6-08-2017
Greenhills Shooting 6-01-2017
Renu Arrest & Seizure 5-30-2017
Tensing Re-Trial Procedures 5-24-2017
Anderson Twp Bicyclist Killed on US-52 5-22-2017
Major Heroin / Fentanyl Arrest & Seizure by RENU 5-13-2017
Anderson Twp Suspect Arrested Along Embankment 5-8-2017
Mt. Healthy Reminisce Sports Cafe 5-7-2017
Anderson Twp Serious Injury Crash 5-01-2017
Green Twp Pursuit of Aggravated Robbery Suspect 4-26-2017
Eagle Captured By Sheriff’s Fugitive Unit 4-24-2017
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery 4-23-2017
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery Suspect Arrested 4-20-2017
Serious Injury Crash in the Village of Addyston 4-11-2017
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery at CVS Pharmacy 4-5-2017
Anderson Twp Injury Auto Accident 3-9-2017
Village of Lincoln Heights Vehicle Pursuit 3-9-2017
Deputy Arrests Armed Robbery Suspect 3-8-2017
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery 3-2-2017
Contract for a Safer Lincoln Heights 2-21-2017
Green Twp. – Sheriff’s Sgt. Struck Head On 2-11-2017
Sheriff Neil Warns “Think Twice” 2-8-2017
Update – Captured – Wanted for Murder Mt Healthy 2-2-2017
Symmes Twp Murder Suspect Identified (Updated) 1-19-2017
Symmes Twp Murder Victim Identified 1-17-2017
Defendant Wanted After Fleeing 1-12-17
Suspect Identified in Shooting in Blue Ash 1-11-17
Pedestrian Stuck in Madeira 1-7-17
Snow Emergency 1-5-17
Bengal Adam Jones Charged 1-3-17
Silverton Assault 12-30-17
Serious Injury Crash in the City of Forest Park 12-26-16
Wanted for Murder Mt Healthy 12-14-16
Fatal Crash in Whitewater Township 12-11-16
Regional Narcotics Unit 11-25-16
Missing Person in Murder for Hire 11-9-16
Multiple Vehicle Crash in Sycamore Twp 11-4-16
Serious Injury Crash in Winton Woods Park 11-3-16
Latest Telephone Scam 11-4-16
Buglaries in Symmes Twp 11-5-16
Serious Injury Motorcycle Crash in Green Twp 11-2-16
Pedestrian Struck in Anderson Township 10-31-16
Motorcyclist Struck in Whitewater Township 10-29-16
Update on Sheriff’s Deputy Struck in the Village of Silverton 10-29-16
Sheriff’s Deputy Struck in the Village of Silverton 10-29-16
Injury Crash Mt Healthy 10-25-16
Students Option Jail vs School 10-18-16
Fatal Crash in Whitewater Township 10-18-16
Immunity Case Success 10-18-16
Traffic Pursuit N71 Stewart 10-13-16
Pedestrian Struck in Greenhills 10-10-16
Silverton Felonious Assault 10-8-16
Serious Injury Crash Involving an All Terrain Vehicle in Miami Township 10-4-16
Pursuit Ends With Suspects in Custody 10-4-16
Heroin Recovery Pod Pilot Program 9-26-16
Fatal Crash Village of Silverton 9-22-16
Lincoln Heights Shootout 9-19-16
Heather Thompson Missing 9-12-16
Regional Narcotics Unit Seize Carfentanil 9-2-16
August 22, 2016 Neil Winkler Bring Services to People
Fatal Crash Whitewater Twp 8-8-16
Arrest in Craigslist Scam 8-3-16
Regional Narcotics Unit 7-25-16
New Twist On Missed Jury Phone Scam 7-20-16
Indictment in Colerain Cold Case 7-15-16
Jail Goes From Worst to First 7-14-16
Regional Narcotics Unit 7-14-16
Serious Injury Rollover Crash in Whitewater Twp 7-11-16
Family Dollar Robbery Arrest Sycamore Twp 7-8-16
Attempted Robbery Sycamore Twp 7-8-2016
Heroin Forum Anderson Twp 6-22-16
Aggravated Robbery at Arbys Sycamore Twp 6-20-16
Shooting Suspect in Custody 6-14-16
Serious Injury Auto Crash Closes IR-275 Westbound Symmes Twp 6-5-16
Sgt Mondary Memorial 6-1-16
Barricaded Subject Anderson Twp 5-30-16
Cincinnatus Savings Robber Apprehended 5-24-16
Speedway Aggravated Robbery Anderson Twp Update 5-23-16
Multi-Vehicle Crash I75 Arlington Heights 5-19-16
Injury Rollover Auto Crash Whitewater Twp 5-21-16
Speedway Aggravated Robbery 5-22-16
Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-75 in Arlington Heights 5-19-2016
Aggravated Robbery of Dominos in Anderson Twp 5-17-16
Fatal Construction Accident in Miami Twp 5-17-16
Symmes Twp Murder Investigation – Arrest Made 5-13-16
Serious Injury Auto Crash on IR-74 Neat the 10 Mile Post in Green Twp 5-14-16
Single Vehicle Crash in Miami Twp 5-10-16
Symmes Township Murder Investigation 5-4-16
Update Uniform Located 5-2-16
Head-on Injury Auto Crash Green Twp 4-30-16
Stolen Uniform 4-30-16
National Drug Take Back Day
Fatal Crash in Green Twp 4-25-2016
Missing Person Anthony Pastura 4-18-16
Traffic Pursuit Columbia Township 4-18-16
Meth Lab Explosion in Anderson Twp 4-17-16
Injury Rollover Crash in Whitewater Twp 4-1-16
Fugitive Unit Arrests Suspect in 2008 Cold Case Murder 3-31-16
Suspect Identified from Glendale Officer Involved Shooting 3-29-16
Playing Cards Hope to Identify Suspects 3-10-16
Shots Fired and Arrests Made 3-7-16
Air Care Called to Harrison Twp Crash 3-2-16
Serious Single Vehicle Crash in Crosby Twp 2-21-16
Family Dollar Robbed 2-19-16
Traffic Pursuit Columbia Township 2-13-16
“Single Pot” Meth Lab Discovered During Traffic Stop in Anderson Twp 2-7-2016
Inmates Indicted After Attempted Escape 2-4-16
Regional Narcotics Unit 2-2-16
Update: Bicyclist passes – charges upgraded
Bicyclist Struck in Anderson Twp 1-31-16
Injury Rollover Crash Involving a Driver who Overdosed on Heroin 1-22-16
Vehicle Pursuit Green Twp 1-23-16
Level One Snow Emergency Lifted 1-20-16
Level 1 snow emergency 1-20116
Tyler Crawford Wanted Poster 1-12-16
Regional Narcotics Unit 12-23-15
Fatal Crash Involving a Dump Truck and Vehicle in Whitewater Twp 12-16-15
Pedestrian Struck Field Ertel 12-13-15
New Haven Rd Cruiser Crash 12-13-15
Raj-Paul Doughty Murder 12-12-15
Homicide Investigation in Lincoln Heights 12-11-15
Fatal Crash in Whitewater Twp 12-6-15
I71 Rollover crash 12-3-15
Sheriffs Deputy Struck on I275 12-1-15
Traffic Pursuit Sycamore Twp 12-1-15
Aggravated Robbery Ameristop in Symmes Twp 11-25-15
Sheriff’s Deputy Struck on IR 71 11-22-15
Regional Narcotics Unit Arrest 11-20-15
Barricaded suspect in Sycamore Twp 11-14-15
Attempted Aggravated Robber Chase Bank Kenwood Rd 11-10-15
Wanted Poster for Brandon Wilson 11-5-15
Jeremiah Ott Wanted Poster 11-5-15
Arrests made in counterfeit NFL tickets 11-4-15
Aggravated Burglary and Kidnap from Zion Road 11-5-15
Suspect Wanted – 90 yr Old Victim in Miami Twp – 11/2/2015
Serious Injury Auto Crash Involving a Vehicle into the Mill Creek 10-29-15
Suspicious package Lincoln Heights Elementary 10-27-15
Fatal Crash in Whitewater Twp 10-27-15
Woman Struck by Vehicle in Anderson Township 10-26-15
Rollover Crash rp 275 n to 74 w 10-24-15
Bank Robbery In Symmes Twp 10-19-15
Felonious Assault and Child Endangering Arrest 10-17-15
Traffic Pursuit IR275 Whitewater Twp 9-27-15
Robbery at Wesbanco Bank Anderson Twp 9-25-15
Shots Fired at Deputy – Arrest Made Lincoln Heights 9-21-15
Thieves Get Stuck in Elevator 9-18-15
Aggravated Robber Lincoln Hts Barbershop 9-18-15
Sheriff’s Cruiser Struck on I.R. 275 in Colerain Twp 9-18-15
October 2015 Vehicle Auction
Theft In Office Arrest 8-27-15
Inmate Attempts to Escape 8-25-15
Fatal Crash I.R. 275 Anderson Twp 8-21-15
Aggravated Robbery Arrest Whitewater Twp 8-21-2015
Wanted Poster – Family Dollar Theft 8-20-15
Person shot in Lincoln Heights 8-16-15
Aggravated Robbery Sycamore Twp 8-16-15
Fatal Auto Crash Sycamore Twp 8-8-15
Fatal Motorcycle Crash North Bend 8-8-15
Fusion Center Craigslist Arrest 8-3-15
Aggravated Robbery Sycamore Township Wendys 8-2-2015
Major Arrest by RENU Agents 7-31-15
Wanted Poster for Speedway Case Green Twp 7-29-15
Two Vehicle Crash Village of Addyston 7-26-15
SOFAST Arrest in Fountain Sq Incident 7-22-15
Suspicious Package in Green Twp 7-18-15
Motorcycle Officer Struck on US 50 in the Village of North Bend 7-15-15
Aggravated Robbery at Subway Whitewater Twp 7-12-2015
Two Vehicle Crash in Green Twp 7-10-2015
Update – Arrest in Fatal Motorcycle Crash 7-8-15
Fatal Motorcycle Crash Columbia Twp 7-6-15
Lincoln Heights Attempted Murder 6-29-15
Single vehicle Fatal Crash Whitewater Twp 6-21-15
Heroin Task Force Deputized 6-17-15
Stream Ridge Barricaded Subject 6-17-15
Major Arrest by RENU 6-16-15
Murder Investigation Lincoln Heights 6-14-15
Vandalism Arrest Village of North Bend 6-14-15
Abduction Suspect Captured Mt Healthy 6-12-15
Wanted for Abduction Mt Healthy 6-12-15
Person shot -Silverton 6-11-15
Vehicle Crash Fire Whitewater Township 6-11-15
Regional Narcotics Unit 6-9-2015
Manufacture of Methamphetamine in Anderson Twp 5-21-2015
Burglary Anderson Twp 5-20-15
Aggravated Burglary in Silverton 5-19-15
HCSO Heroin Forums Media Release
Injury Traffic Crash in Symmes Twp 5-16-15
Auction Press Release May 2015
Auction List May 2015
Injury Auto Crash 5-13-15
Breaking and Entering Arrests 5-4-15
Aggravated Robbery in Silverton 4-15-15
Semi Tractor Trailer Rollover Crash With Injury 4-10-15
Arrest in Murder Investigation 4-9-2015
Symmes Twp Semi Tractor Trailer Rollover Crash 4-10-15
Arrest in Murder Investigation 4-09-2015
Manufacture of Methamphetamine Miami Twp 3-24-2015
Vehicle Pursuit Colerain Twp 3-24-2014
Lawrenceburg Rd. Closed Due to High Water 3-14-2015
Shell gas station robbery Sycamore Twp 3-5-15
Level One Cancellation 3-5-15
Level One Snow Emergency 3-4-15
Aggravated Robbery Lincoln Heights Taco Bell 2-22-2015
Level One Snow Emergency Cancellation 2-22-2015
Level Two Snow Emergency Downgraded 2-21-15
Level One Snow Emergency Cancellation 2-18-2015
Sheriff Declares Level One Snow Emergency 2-18-15
Sheriff cancels Level 1 snow emergency 2-17-2015
Level 1 Snow Emergency 2-16-2015
Bomb Threat in Columbia Twp 2-12-2015
Silverton Stabbing Update 2-8-2015
Lincoln Heights Homicide 2-06-2015
Escaped Inmate Update 2-05-2015
Lincoln Heights Person Shot 2-05-2015
RENU 2-4-2015
Anderson Twp Meth Lab 1-29-15
Lincoln Heights Homicide 1-29-15
HCSO and Lincoln Heights Press Conference 1-26-2015
Crash on I74 1-23-15
Barricaded Subject Sutton Rd 1-20-2015
Arrest Involving Bible Laced with Heroin 1-16-2015
Audit Complete with Findings January 15, 2014
Aggravated Robbery Marathon Miamitown 1-15-2014
Sheriff’s Vehicle Struck on 71 North 1-6-2014
Wanted Poster – G and R Market Agg Robbery 12-19-2014
Inmate Back in Custody 12-18-2014
Tank Transferred 12-17-2014
Serious Injury Crash In Whitewater Twp December 17, 2014
Aggravated Robbery Marathon Whitewater Twp 12-13-2014
Loaded Handgun Disguised as Toy Gun 12-12-2014
Overturned Semi Tractor Trailer 12-3-2014
Arrest in Sycamore Twp Shooting 11-21-2014
Southwest Ohio Violent Crimes Task Force 11-20-2014
Double Homicide in Lockland 11-18-2014
Wanted Flyer for Arson 11-8-2014
Sycamore Twp shooting 11-5-14
Multi State Drug Trafficking Arrests 11-5-2014
Anderson Twp Crash Involving School Bus 10-31-2014
Fatal Crash Whitewater Twp 10-27-2014 – Updated
Home Invasion in Harrison Twp 10-26-2014
Phone Scam 10-14-2014
Person Struck on I-71 in Silverton 10-16-2014
Anderson Twp Pedestrian Struck 10-15-2014
Anderson Townhsip Agg Robbery Update 10-08-14
Anderson Townhsip Agg Robbery 10-05-14
Wanted Poster Great Clips Whitewater Twp 9-29-2014
Aggravated Robbery Great Clips Whitewater Twp 9-29-2014
Car Auction October 4, 2014
Deputy Nick Hoevel 9-28-2014
Motorcycle Crash Symmes Twp 9-26-2014
Fatal Motorcycle Accident Anderson Township 9-25-2014
Silverton Cash America Wanted Poster 9-25-2014
Traffic Safety Grants for 2015
National Prescription Take Back Day 9-22-2014
Woodlawn Fatal Auto Crash 9-21-2014
Anderson Twp Felonious Assault/Impersonating a Police Officer 9-11-2014
Wanted Poster Columbia Twp Lowes 9-9-2014
Motorcycle Accident Anderson Twp 9-8-2014
Recent Passing of Canine Kid 9-3-2014
Wanted Poster 9-2-2014
Shooting Incident Harrison Twp 8-31-2014
Anderson Twp Fatal Tractor Accident 8-28-2014
Driver from High Speed Chase Wanted 8-26-2014
Traffic Pursuit North Bend 8-25-2014
Water Rescue Whitewater Twp 8-25-2014
Anderson Twp CVS Suspect 8-18-2014
Anderson Agg Robbery Kroger 8-17-2014
Critical Missing Adult Symmes Twp 8-17-14 (Update: Safely Located)
Police Sergeant Arrested 8-15-2014
Miami Twp Miami River 8-10-14
Inmate Found Deceased 8-7-14
Baby Found Deceased 8-6-14
Stapleton Electric trailer theft 7-29-2014
Critical Missing Adult Found 7-23-14
Multiple Vehicle Crash Anderson Twp 7-23-2014
Missing Person 7-22-2014
Kilby Rd Crash 7-21-2014
Arrest Made in Fatal Crash 7-17-2014
Sheriff & Engineer Partner to Keep Roads Safe
Clark Gas Station Robbery Anderson Township 7-12-14
BP Robbery Anderson Township 7-12-14
Traffic Pursuit 7-10-14
Escaped Inmate Captured July 8 2014
Inmate Bowden Wanted 7-2-2014 Update
Inmate Bowden Wanted 7-1-2014
Vehicle into Building 7-1-2014
Missing Person 6-21-2014 Update
Judge Hunter’s Former Bailiff Arrest 6-25-2014
Miami Savings and Loan 6-24-14
Missing Person 6-21-2014
Release Aviation Incident 6-21-2014
Cilley Road Crash Whitewater Twp 6-16-14
Symmes Twp Aggravated Robbery Ameristop 6-10-14
Whitewater Township Water Rescue 6-1-14
Cover Letter to Commissioners – Court & Jail Audit
Performance Audit – Court & Jail Services Division
Water Rescue Crosby Township 4-25-14
Officer Williamson Injured 4-24-14
Arrest for Child Porn Mar 19, 2014
CCW Training March 24, 2014
Handgun Recovered at JFS Mar 5, 2014
Key Bank Agg Robbery Updated Feb 6, 2014
Murder Suspect Flees Traffic Stop Mar 10, 2014
Pedestrian Struck Updated Feb 7, 2014
Rape Suspect Caught Feb 5, 2014
Sheriff supports Shriners Mar 1, 2014
Social Media Press Conference Jan 31, 2014
Fatal Auto Crash in Green Township Feb 22, 2014
Owens Pursuit Media Release 3-19-14
Junker Pursuit Meda Release 3-18-14
Homicide suspect flees 3-10-14
Level one snow emergency release 3-3-14
Level 1 Snow Emergency 2-4-14
Anderson Twp Aggravated Robbery at Key Bank 2-4-14
Media Release Injured deputies 1-25-14
Level 1 Snow Emergency 1-21-14
Air Care Called US 50 at Kilby 1-14-14
Whitewater Twp Breaking and Entering 1-7-14
Harrison Twp Shots Fired 01-01-14
Green Twp Serious Injury Auto Crash 12-27-13
Cincinnati, City of Shooting at Club Celebrities 12-21-13
Anderson Twp Agg Robbery Beechmont Beverage Drive Thru 12-19-13
Colerain Twp Colerain Trustees Vote to Eliminate Sheriff’s Patrols 12-11-13
Level 1 Snow Emergency Cancelled 12-10-13
Level 1 Snow Emergency 12-10-13
Level 2 Snow Emergency Reduced to Level 1 Level One Snow Alert 12-07-13
Level 1 Snow Emergency 12-06-13
Level 2 Snow Emergency 12-06-13
Level 1 Snow Emergency Cancelled 12-07-13
Anderson Twp Non-Injury Auto Accident 11-25-13
Hamilton County Concealed Carry License Training 12-02-13
Whitewater Twp Robbery of Marathon Gas Station 11-17-13
Hamilton County, Ohio Donation to the Homeless Coalition 11-14-13
Lincoln Heights Homicide 11-1-13
Symmes Twp Juvenile Struck by Vehicle 11-02-13
Sycamore Twp Explosion 11-06-13.pdf
Symmes Twp Three Vehicle Injury Crash Involving a Sheriff’s Cruiser 11-05-13
Green Twp Aggravated Robbery of BP 10-17-13
Sycamore Twp Aggravated Burglary 08-20-13
Lincoln Heights, Village of Shooting 08-30-13
Cincinnati, City of Vehicle Pursuit Suspect Hit by Cruiser 09-05-13
Hamilton County Press Briefing re Homeless 09-1-13
Miami Twp Wesselman Road Reopened After Single Vehicle Crash 09-22-13
Miami Twp Wesselman Road Closed After Single Vehicle Crash 09-22-13
Cincinnati, City of UPDATE Inmate Escape from Justice Center 09-28-13
Cincinnati, City of Inmate Escape from Justice Center 09-28-13
Miami Twp National Prescription Drug Take Back 10-07-13
Silverton, City of UPDATE Shooting 10-04-13
Silverton, City of Shooting 10-04-13
Vehicle Auction 10-12-13
Sycamore Twp Breaking and Entering at Sprint Store 10-19-13
Green Twp Fatal Crash on Harrison Avenue 10-21-13
Sycamore Twp Suspect Dies after Struggle With Deputies 08-13-13
Whitewater Twp Semi Crash on IR74 07-05-13
Montgomery City of Pursuit Ends with Crash 07-08-13
Silverton City of Fatal Crash 07-11-13
Colerain Twp Suspicious Package Found 06-22-13
Anderson Twp Vehicle Crash into a Building 06-22-13
Sycamore Twp Vehicle Arson 6-20-13
Whitewater Twp Aggravated Robbery 06-25-13
Anderson Twp Deceased Person Recovered from Little Miami River 06-14-13
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery at Dollar Tree 06-13-13
Lincoln Heights Village of Arrest in 2010 Homicide 06-05-13
Columbia Twp Home Invasion 06-09-13
Columbia Twp Single Vehicle Fatal Crash 06-07-13
Columbia Twp Little Miami River Search 06-12-13
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery 06-01-13
Whitewater Twp Drowning 06-01-13
Silverton City of Contract Service 06-04-13
Wyoming City of Sheriff Neil Teams up with Community Leaders 05-22-13
Hamilton County Ohio Press Conferencere Adam Walsh Compliance Operation 05-28-13
Sycamore Twp Stabbing at Apple Tree Cafe 05-18-13
108th Basic Corrections Academy
North Bend Suspicious Package Found at Taylor High School 05-04-13
Sycamore Twp Verizon Store Burglarized 05-06-13
Anderson Twp Pedestrian Struck 04-25-13
Columbia Twp Aggravated Robbery 04-23-13
Green Twp Garbage Truck Into House 04-22-13
Hamilton County SOFAST Arrest of Felony Sex Offender 04-17-13
Anderson Twp Newtown Road Closure 04-16-13
Anderson Twp Newtown Road Closure Update 04-17-13
2012 Annual Awards Recipients 04-01-13
Columbia Twp Vehicle Pursuit 04-11-13
Anderson Twp Sheriffs Detectives Arrest Rape Suspect 04-12-13
Hamilton County Sheriffs Security Screening 04-10-13
Sycamore Twp Two People Stabbed 04-08-13
Green Twp Bob Evans Robbery 03-26-13
Green Twp Attempt to Identify Bob Evans Robbery 03-26-13
Green Twp Critical Missing Adult UPDATE 03-29-13
Whitewater Twp Serious Injury Crash on SR128 03-20-13
Green Twp Robbery of Guardian Savings Bank 03-16-13
Colerain Twp Aggravated Robbery at Palm Beach Tan 03-18-13
Cleves Ohio Deputy Involved in Auto Crash 03-17-13
Colerain Twp Man Arrested for Murder 03-09-13
Green Twp Aggravated Robbery at Danbarry 03-10-13
Green Twp Aggravated Robbery 03-04-13
Green Twp UPDATE Aggravated Robbery 03-05-13
Sycamore Twp Purse Snatching 02-05-13
Sycamore Twp Purse Snatching 02-05-13 update
Symmes Twp Aggravated Robbery of United Dairy Farmers 02-16-13
Green Twp Felonious Assault SRT Team CallOut 02-15-13
Colerain Twp Sheriffs Office Employee Arrested 02-12-13
Mt Healthy Shooting 02-04-13
Sycamore Twp Strong Armed Robbery 01-31-13
Anderson Twp Fatal Motorcycle Crash 01-26-13
Anderson Twp Crash with Entrapment 01-19-13
Hamilton County Investiture Ceremony for Sheriff Jim Neil 02-01-13
Colerain Twp Aggravated Robbery at PizzaHut Restaurant 01-19-13
Colerain Twp Multiple Vehicle Crash on IR275 01-21-13
Anderson Twp Suicidal Subject Beechmont Levy 01-15-13
Colerain Twp Fatal Pursuit 01-07-13