Major Chris Ketteman

The Enforcement Division consists of the Patrol Section, Criminal Investigation Section, and the Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit (RENU) Section. Each section also includes a number of specialized units.

Patrol Section
The Patrol Section is responsible for providing primary police service to the following 12 unincorporated townships within Hamilton County: Anderson Township, Columbia Township, Miami Township, Symmes Township, Crosby Township, Harrison Township, Sycamore Township, Whitewater Township, the Village of North Bend, the Village of Silverton, the village of Arlington Heights, and the Village of Lincoln Heights. These 12 jurisdictions surround the City of Cincinnati and several smaller villages and municipalities and encompass more than 200,000 residents, 207 square miles, and more than 1,000 miles of federal, state, county, and township roadways.

In addition to providing primary police services, the Patrol Section oversees several units which work hand and hand with our officers on the road, including: Aviation, Canine, Heavy Weapons, HCPA Honor Guard, HCPA SWAT, Underwater Search & Rescue, Hazardous Device, and Marine Patrol.

Criminal Investigations Section
The Criminal Investigations Section is assigned responsibility for investigations of property crimes, such as fraud or burglary, as well as personal crimes, such as homicides or assault. Additionally, the Criminal Investigations Section has responsibility to manage the collection and dissemination of intelligence regarding criminal organizations and others who threaten the safety of our community. Finally, the Criminal Investigations Section conducts additional criminal investigations of other types, when so assigned by the Sheriff.

Organized Crime Section
The Organized Crime Section is designed to conduct investigations regarding drug trafficking, prostitution, pornography, gambling, computer related crimes and other organized criminal activity.  To conduct these types of investigations the Organized Crime Section consists of three units:  The Regional Narcotics Unit (RENU), Intelligence Unit (INTEL), and the Regional Electronics and Computer Investigative Unit (RECI).

Regional Narcotics Unit (RENU) 
The Regional Narcotics Unit is a multi-jurisdictional drug task force that is comprised of Narcotics Agents from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Cincinnati Police Department, Green Township Police Department and AndersonTownship.  This unit is designed to investigate criminal organizations and individuals primarily responsible for the illegal trafficking of controlled substances in the Greater Cincinnati area through the operation of investigative programs, including but not limited to, drug intelligence, drug interdiction and undercover operatives.  The Regional Narcotics Unit also assists local, state and federal law enforcement agencies when requested.

The Regional Narcotics Unit can be contacted in regard to drug related tips in the following ways:

Email:  RENU@sheriff.hamilton-co.org
Text a Tip: (513) 808-4500
Phone: (513) 352-3673                                                      

Anyone providing information to the Regional Narcotics Unit may remain Anonymous.

Intelligence Unit
The Intelligence Unit is designed to assist investigative units within the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office as well as other local law enforcement and state agencies with technical related support for their investigations.  The Intelligence Unit consists of Technical Investigators that are trained to use specialized equipment that will assist investigators with their ongoing criminal cases.  Case specifics and equipment used by the Intelligence Unit are confidential in nature.

The Intelligence Unit is a highly specialized assignment, which requires special investigative and technological skills.  To enhance these skills, the Technical Investigators assigned to the Intelligence Unit are members of professional organizations, including but not limited to, the National Technical Investigators Association (NATIA) and support the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) working group.

Regional Electronics and Computer Investigations Unit (RECI)
RECI is a multi-jurisdictional task force designed to successfully identify
and prosecute electronic or computer-related crimes. Currently, RECI is
composed of Investigators from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the
Cincinnati Police Division. RECI works closely with local, county, state and
federal law enforcement agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area. RECI is a
core component of the Greater Cincinnati Internet Crimes Against Children
Task Force.


http://www.missingkids.org/ – 1-800-the-lost (1-800-843-5678)

RECI investigates computer and telecommunications crimes, provides forensic laboratory capabilities, and serves as a high-tech resource for law
enforcement. RECI will assist law enforcement agencies in the investigation
of any offense involving electronic or computer technology, including
hacking, telecommunications fraud, software piracy, child pornography,
forgery, counterfeiting, and offenses committed with or by portable devices.
Additionally, RECI will assist in investigations of any other illegal
activity where computers may have been used to record or store information.
The unit is capable of retrieving and recovering data that is normally
accessible through the computer, as well as data thought to be lost,
destroyed, or the presence of which is unknown.

The RECI staff is available for presentations to discuss the unit’s purpose
and operation, outline possible indicators of electronic crime, consult with
businesses in the private sector, and train law enforcement personnel.

RECI is available to assist law enforcement agencies. However, any citizen
who believes they may have been the victim of a high-tech crime should
contact their local law enforcement agency.

Electronically stored evidence can be lost or overwritten during the normal
use of a computer. This data represents evidence that sometimes is crucial
to the successful prosecution of a criminal case. The sooner law enforcement
is involved, the better the odds that the data or evidence can be recovered.

While evidence presented in court is public record, such things as trade
secrets, security practices, and facts needed to complete the investigation
usually are not public record. RECI is comprised of professionals who will
take every precaution possible to guarantee confidentiality.