Crisis Response Team Training

Crisis Response Team Training (CIT), will be offered at the HCSO Patrol Headquarters December 8-12, 2014 – 40 Hrs
Training is free
Class Size: 30 students

Mental Health America provides training programs for first responders focused on safe and effective interaction with persons who are mentally ill or in a crisis. “Memphis Model” also known as CIT (Crisis Intervention Team), and a model created by the City of Cincinnati known as MHRT (Mental Health Response Team). The Hamilton County CIT team has experienced great success and is recognized as a leader in emergency response to mental illness in the state of Ohio. The team is focused on continuous improvement and serving citizens through caring, efficient, and effective response.

Generally 10% of police calls will involve someone with a mental illness. The safety of law enforcement and other professionals, persons with mental illness, and citizens can be compromised when officers are not adequately prepared to respond to such calls. The goal of CIT is to promote safety by:

1. Educating law enforcement, corrections, support services, court services and EMD on mental illnesses
2. Having officers learn about the characteristics associated with untreated mental illnesses and practice skills designed to deescalate certain behaviors

According to the Bureau of Statistics, approximately 54% of the population in state prisons, federal persons, and local jails are mentally ill individuals. On average, about 25% of those individuals receive any kind of treatment. Additionally, criminal justice professionals do not receive adequate special populations training in order to keep individuals on target with community treatment and out of the criminal justice system. As a proactive program, MHA works to create “win-win” solutions for all persons involved.

CIT is not just for police officers but also beneficial for all other types of first responders. We know that CIT increases safety for the first responder, the individual they are responding to, and the surrounding community.

Please contact Captain Earl Price via email if you wish to reserve your seat for this rewarding class. You will be notified about the starting time for this class upon confirmation.

Lisa Monast, MA, MA, LPC-CR– Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator
Elizabeth Atwell, LSW – Executive Director

Please visit the web at

Captain Dan Scheffler Attends FBI Academy

Captain Dan SchefflerCaptain Dan Scheffler from our Court & Jail Division was part of a select group of law enforcement officers chosen to attend an intense 10 week FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Instructors, all FBI Special Agents with advanced degrees, trained Capt. Scheffler and other Officers from 47 different states, 23 international countries and 5 military organizations. Our Captain graduated and was awarded “The Yellow Brick” for completing a brutal 6.5 mile Marine Corps. Obstacle Course.

Training is a priority under Sheriff Neil, and we congratulate Capt. Scheffler for excelling at the FBI Academy and pushing himself to become a better Officer.

Sheriff Neil Issues Challenge Coin to Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas Challenge CoinSheriff Neil issued a Challenge Coin to Brian Thomas this morning on 55KRC’s “Sheriff Show” for helping get his positive message out about building alliances and working cooperatively with all law enforcement throughout the region, including local Villages, Cities, and Townships, as well as State and Federal officials.

Flying Pig

Flying PigCongrats to all the runners during the beautiful weekend we had for “The Flying Pig.” Like so many major events the Sheriff’s Office partnered with the Cincinnati Police Dept. to provide security for the races, working together to keep you safe.