Alert – IRS Phone Scam

We are receiving reports of a phone scam in Hamilton County. In the event you receive a call from someone stating they are with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instructing you to transfer funds into a particular account or else law enforcement will pick you up and bring you to jail, do not transfer any funds.

This is a scam. Please call the Ohio Attorney General’s Office immediately at 1-800-282-0515 to report the scam. These calls are being tracked by the AG’s Office in an attempt to investigate the effort and apprehend those responsible.

History of the Sheriff’s Office

History of the Sheriff's Office
The history and functions of a Sheriff can reportedly be traced to provisions of the Magna Carta in England, in the year 1215.

The office of Sheriff was the first county office established in the United States.

The Sheriffs of America have played a significant role in the history of our Nation, and the Sheriffs of Ohio are no exception to this heritage. A brief study of the history of Ohio reveals that Ohio Sheriffs have contributed greatly to the development of the Buckeye State.

Until Ohio achieved statehood in 1803, the position of Sheriff was filled through appointments made at the pleasure of the Colonial Governor. The first Sheriff of record in Ohio was Colonel Ebenezer Sproat. When appointed in 1788, Colonel Sproat’s jurisdiction covered all of Washington County. This enormous area of land included all of eastern Ohio from the Ohio River to Lake Erie.

After statehood became a reality, the position of Sheriff was one of only three public offices filled through the electoral process system. Through this new system, William Skinner became the first elected Sheriff in the Buckeye State. Since the early 1800’s, Ohio Sheriffs have been elected on the county level by the people they serve. By virtue of this process this office has become the oldest law enforcement position in the United States. It is also the only remaining law enforcement office filled through the election method. The term of office for County Sheriffs in Ohio is four years.

In each of the 88 counties of Ohio, the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer. The Sheriffs primary duties are to provide common pleas court services and corrections on a countywide basis, and full police protection to the unincorporated areas of the county. However, the Sheriff maintains full police jurisdiction in all municipalities, townships, and villages.

Apply for CCW License

How to Apply for a CCW License

CCW License Application – (form available here)

In order to apply for the license you must 21 years of age, a legal resident of the United States, and a resident of Hamilton County or an adjoining county. Adjoining counties to Hamilton are Butler, Clermont, and Warren.

A resident of another state may obtain a CCW license in Ohio using the application process, however applicant must provide adequate proof of employment in Ohio (within our county or an adjoining county). Proof of employment can be a: pay stub with address of Employer; a letter (on letterhead, dated and signed) from employer stating the applicant is employed at the business; or an employee ID card from a local business.



APPOINTMENTS MAY BE MADE using the online application (click here).

Not all people are eligible to obtain a Concealed Carry License, most commonly because of a prior criminal record.  If you have ever been convicted of a disqualifying crime (Juvenile or Adult), you will want to take care of those charges first.  If you fail to take care of these charges and you proceed with the application appointment the license fee is non-refundable.  You should read the Attorney General’s informational booklet, “Ohio Concealed Carry License”, for details on what type of convictions make you ineligible to receive a Concealed Carry License.  This booklet is available on the Ohio  Attorney General’s website or at the Sheriff’s Office.   If you are still unsure, you may want to consult with an attorney.   THIS OFFICE CANNOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE OR INDIVIDUAL CASE ASSESSMENTS.

1.  TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT CLICK HERE.  There are two locations you can schedule your appointment:  Downtown at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office inside the Justice Center (1000 Sycamore Street, Room 100, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202), and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office at Patrol Headquarters (11021 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231).  Appointments are scheduled between 7:40 a.m. to 11:40 a.m., and 1:00 p.m. to 1:40 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays).  Each applicant must personally appear at his/her appointment.

2.  TO OBTAIN A CONCEALED CARRY LICENSE APPLICATION you may download an  application on the Attorney General’s website.  You may also visit one of our two locations Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for an application.

3.  BEFORE APPEARING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT.  You must fully complete your application.


a.  Clearly PRINT,  in blue or black ink, all required information on the Application.  Again, DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO AT YOUR APPOINTMENT.  Failure to include all requested information will result in the Sheriff’s Office to refuse to accept the application.

b.  List one or more phone number on your application where you can be reached.  The Sheriff’s Office will use the number(s) to contact you when your Concealed Carry License is ready to be picked up.

APPOINTMENT PROCEDURE AND NECESSARY ITEMS:                                                                                  

  •  Firearms Training Certificate (a legible copy) – First time applicants only
  • The Certificate should be dated, showing you completed this course within the past three years, and contain your name, and the name and phone number of the instructor and/or location where you received the training.
  • If you have retired as a peace officer, state trooper, federal law enforcement officer, or have been honorably discharged from the military, or are an active or reserve member of the military, within the past TEN YEARS, this Firearms Training Certificate is not required.  However you must provide written verification of your former/current employment/military service AND documentation reflecting you received firearms training equivalent to Ohio’s conceal carry training requirements.
  • State-issued Photo ID ( driver’s license, or state id cards)
  • Color Photograph (A frontal view) of your face (2”x2” passport photo max size).

The photo must have been taken within the past THIRTY DAYS.  This photo will be kept with your application and will NOT be returned to you.

  •   License fee (non-refundable)  in the amount and form described here:
  • If you are an active duty and/or retired peace officer, retired state trooper, a retired natural resources officer, retired military, or retired Federal Law Enforcement officer, there is no application fee.  You must bring in a letter or other documentation verifying employment or retirement.
  • Other applicants who have been residents of Ohio for FIVE YEARS OR MORE must pay a NON-Refundable $67.00 fee with the application in the form of cash.  NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Only Money Orders payable to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will be accepted other than cash.
  • If you have been an Ohio resident LESS THAN FIVE YEARS, or are not an Ohio resident, but employed in the State of Ohio; the NON-REFUNDABLE application fee is $79.00 in the form of cash.  NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Only Money Orders payable to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will be accepted other than cash.
  • For a Temporary Emergency License the fee is $37.00 if you have been a resident of Ohio for FIVE YEARS OR MORE, and if a resident LESS THAN FIVE YEARS the fee is $49.00 in cash or Money Orders payable to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.  NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • IMPORTANT Senate Bill 81 INFORMATIONSenate Bill-81 which allows for veterans to receive a no-cost CCW license is effective beginning Monday, November 5, 2018. If you are an active, reserve, or retired member of the armed forces, or were honorably discharged, there is no fee to apply for a new or renewal license. You must present an active duty ID or a form DD-214 showing a honorable discharge at the time of application. NOTE: The Attorney General monitors the number of license fees waived statewide and caps the total amount allowed to be waived at $1.5 million each year. When the funds are depleted statewide, the fee will no longer be waived until January of the following year.

After your appointment has been confirmed, you must appear in person bringing the items listed above.

  • AT YOUR APPOINTMENT, your application will be reviewed, a picture will be taken for the license, and you will be fingerprinted.  Also you will be asked to fill out a release form, so we can run a local background check.  The fingerprints are sent up to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, and can take up to three to four weeks for BCII to send the results to us.  DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE to check on the status of your application unless you fail to hear from us three weeks after your application appointment.  Once the application process is completed and we receive your fingerprint results, you will be contacted by our office to pick up your Concealed Carry License or you will receive a rejection letter from the Sheriff’s Office.
  • If your application is rejected, you will be notified of the reason, and advised of the appeals procedure.


Ohio Concealed Carry License are valid for five years from the date of issue.  The expiration date of your License is on your license.  If you are applying for a renewal license, there is a thirty day grace carrying period after your expiration date on your present license.

If you currently possess an Ohio Concealed Carry License which is due to expire (the expiration date is on your license), you may apply for a renewal 90 days prior to, or at any time after your expiration date.  While you may apply for a renewal license after your license has expired, however you may not carry your Concealed Carry License after the 30 day grace period.

The Concealed Carry License renewal procedure is more streamlined than the original application process.

The appointment can be made at our downtown office, 1000 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Room 100 inside the HCJC, or at Patrol Headquarters, 11021 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio  45231.


  • Complete, but do not sign your application form.  You only have to list the addresses in which you have resided since your last applied appointment.  Also, you do not need a 2×2 facial photo for a renewal application.
  • If you have been a resident of Ohio for FIVE YEARS OR MORE, a NON-REFUNDABLE payment of $50.00 in the form of cash, and cashier/certified check payable to the HCSO LICENSE FUND, unless waived due to retired or active duty law enforcement or retired military status as described above.
  • If you have been a resident of Ohio for LESS THAN FIVE YEARS, a NON-REFUNDABLE payment of $62.00 in the form of cash, and cashier/certified check payable to the HCSO LICENSE FUND, unless waived due to retired or active duty law enforcement or retired military status as described above.
  • A local, and fingerprint background check will be done again.  It could take roughly 3 weeks to complete.  You will be notified when to pick up your new license, which at that time we will take the old license and give you the new license.  If your application is denied, you will be advised by letter of the reason, and the appeal process.


Click to download change of address form here

Ohio law requires you to notify the county Sheriff’s Office at which you obtained you concealed carry license within 45 days after a change of address.  You may download and fill out the Concealed Carry License Address Change form.  Then mail it to the following address:

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
Attn:  Concealed Carry License
1000 Sycamore Street; Room 100
Cincinnati, Ohio  45202

This process, required by law, modifies the record held by our agency in the event you need to be contacted regarding suspension, revocation, or administrative purpose.

If you wish to obtain a replacement concealed handgun license displaying your new address you can go to the website to make an appointment (click here), or by calling (513) 946-6213 if you do not have access to the internet.  You can make an appointment at our downtown office, 1000 Sycamore Street Room 100, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, or at our Patrol Headquarter Office, 11021 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231.  The cost for a replacement license is $5.00 cash only.


You must file a police report with your local police department, then obtain a copy of the report.  Once you have a copy of the report, you can go to the website to make an appointment (click here), or by calling (513) 946-6213 if you do not have access to the internet.   The appointment can be made at our downtown office 1000 Sycamore Street Room 100, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, inside the HCJC, or 11021 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 at Patrol Headquarters.  The cost for a lost or stolen license $15.00.   All you need for the appointment is the copy of the report and $15.00 in cash.

Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey

Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey is a 33-year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and has held the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major prior to being elected Sheriff in November 2020.  Sheriff McGuffey is the highest ranking woman in the history of the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff McGuffey was born and raised in Cincinnati, growing up in Price Hill.  By the time she was 14, she knew she wanted to be a Police Officer. She graduated from Western Hills High School and entered the Criminal Justice program at the University of Cincinnati, even though at the time, women were not allowed to be uniformed patrol officers. Fortunately, that changed by the time Sheriff McGuffey graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She then joined the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in 1983.

Sheriff McGuffey began her career as a Corrections Officer at the former Workhouse and has worked in nearly all facets of the Sheriff’s Office including as the Academy Commander for the Ohio Peace Officer Corrections Academy, serving as lead hostage negotiator for the Sheriff’s Special Response Team, and as Commander of the Sheriff’s Honor Guard.  Sheriff McGuffey provided training for law enforcement officers throughout the State of Ohio and is an accomplished self-defense instructor.

During her tenure as Major of Jail and Court Services, Sheriff McGuffey was credited with leading reforms in the jail to reduce the likelihood of people returning to jail. She was also credited with bringing the jail from the worst ranking in the State of Ohio to the top ranking.

As Major, Sheriff McGuffey was named local and regional “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” and was honored by the Ohio House of Representatives for being named the 2016 Public Citizen of the Year by the Ohio Chapter of National Association of Social Workers. She was included in the 2013 Cincinnati Enquirer’s list of “Professional Women to Watch”.

Sheriff McGuffey is committed to public safety and to ensuring accountability, transparency, and engagement with the community as the foundation of the work in the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff McGuffey is committed to building trust, to listening to department staff and the community’s ideas and concerns and to move forward together toward justice reform.

Sheriff McGuffey serves on the Board of Directors for Cincinnati Union Bethel and The Women’s City Club and is a graduate of Leadership Cincinnati, Class 39.  Sheriff McGuffey is married to Christine Sandusky and they reside in downtown Cincinnati with their two dogs.

I am honored to be your Sheriff and am grateful to the citizens of Hamilton County for your confidence in me. I am so very proud to serve with the good men and women in the Sheriff’s Office and look forward to serving as your Sheriff. I am eager and ready to work together to enhance community safety and to ensure all citizens of Hamilton County believe that the justice system works for them.

Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey