Explorers Program

WANTED – High School Students with an Interest in Law Enforcement


explorerCongratulations to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program who for the 2nd time in 3 years have won the 1st place overall award in the Local Law Enforcement Explorer Competition. This will make the 7th time the Explorer Post has won 1st Place Overall Award in 36 years.

The Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program competed against 18 other teams from both the local region and other parts of Ohio. The competition was held in May at Dixie Heights High School, Kenton County, Kentucky.

The Explorers won awards in 7 of the 8 events in which they competed; 1st Place Domestic Violence, 1st Place Crime Scene, 1st Place Bomb Search, 2nd Place Traffic Stops, 2nd Place Arrest Search & Seizure, 3rd Place Burglary in Progress, and 3rd Place Suspect Approach.

The Explorers in the competition: Anthony Bittner, Kyle Doebrich, Deshawn Brooks, Joseph Schaefer, Brian Limke, and Jeremy Spohr (L>R in group photo)

Along with the Explorers the Advisors should also be recognized for their outstanding management of the program and training of the Explorers. The Advisors include: Sgt. Tony Orue, Cpl. Steve Sabers, PO Eric Kidd, PO Bryan Robben, PO Mike Stenger, SD Matthew McGourty, SD Patrick Evans, SD Ben Endress and civilian (former explorer) Jon Middendorf.

Also special thanks to SD Mike Fritts, SD Fred Jebens, SD Joann Bradley and SD James Crawford who assisted SD McGourty with the Physical Fitness Obstacle Course. The course, which was a huge success, challenged the Explorers with the types of situations they may encounter in a real life foot pursuit. The course demanded maneuverability around obstacles, traversing stairs, handcuffing, baton strikes, and firearm use.

Please remember the Explorer Program is always looking to build its membership. Even though an Explorer may decide not to enter a career in law enforcement, this program will give them that chance to explore in depth the spark of interest they have now before making a lifetime commitment to law enforcement.

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